• Good Morning!


    Happy Birthday to Mark Janas!


    Edit sentence: The dog ran to nick


    Morning work: v and z handwriting paper, circle your best letter. 5 times each.

    Circle paper.Decodable: Val’s Top Decodable #29 Zip Up, Val!


    Math 15.2  Above, below, and on. Go get a stuff animal, have Mom tell you where it put it on the couch..above, below or on! On the colored mat, cut out the strip on the right side. Place the goat on the bridge, the bird above the bridge and the frog below the bridge. Flip

    #1. Color the balloon above the girl, green. Color the girl on the side red, color the drum below the girl blue. #2. Put a square on the swing, put a circle above the swing and put a triangle below the swing.

    Practice page: put x’s on the picture above the boy, the hat below his chair, the bird on his shoulder and the yarn ON the table. Circle the square picture, the cylinder (drum) cone on the girls head, the sphere below the table.

    Enrichment:?  Oops, it’s reteaching!!  Draw rectangles on the train track next to the train to make train cars. Draw a circle above the bridge (male it like the sun) and draw triangles below the bridge to look like mountains.


    Reminder, check your email. The weekly Zoom meeting is at 4:00 today. It is Show and Tell!

    After the meeting, I will be sending out emails for smaller zoom meetings. The first meeting is for last names between A-L @ 10:00 Wednesday. The next meeting is Thursday @ 10:00 for last names M-Z. They will focus on Reading and Math.