• I know I have been sending out so many emails, but there is so much info I don’t want you to miss out on. 

     Reminder, the school will be doing the Rosary at 12:00. Please see my email for information.

    Edit sentence: the dog can sit on the mat


    Morning work: v and z paper, triangle paper.


    Practice pages: pg. 373 word box (where is come me) Cross off the word when you use it. Make sure your child is using an uppercase letter if the word is the first word in the sentence.

    Answers (me, Come, Where, is)

    Pg: 374, have your child circle their answers and write it on the line.

    Pg. 375 write the words on the line (zip, six, van, vest, bus, vet)

    Pag. 376 which picture out of the three shows the main idea of the story ( middle)


    Math 15.3 In front of and behind colored mat. Circle andcolor the  2animals that are next to the barn and are white. Circle and color the animal that is white and behind the barn.

    Flip #1 color the squirrel next to the tree. Circle the object that is in front of the squirrel. Cross out the object that is behind the fountain.

    #2 draw a red ball behind the castle, draw a yellow ball in front of the castle. Circle the object that is beside the castle.


    Practice 15.3 follow directions on the bottom of the page. Enrichment, same..follow directions on the bottom of the page.


    Great job!