• Hello!!


    For those who attended the Rosary yesterday, it was just what we needed, to pray together!


    Edit sentence: can you go in a van


    Morning work: V booklet, Z booklet, square paper

    Practice pages: #377 Read it, Say it, Write it (nut)

    Draw a picture of children dressed up like animals.

    It is on...Friday, May 15, 2020. 

    It is at 2:00.

    Pg. 379 Cause and effect. Look at the bottom pictures, something happens that allows something else to happen. Boy is sleeping, his alarm goes off, what will happen in the top pictures. There is a nail in front of a bike wheel, what will happen in the picture above. It is snowing, what will happen in the picture above. Cause and effect!

    Pg. 380 fill in the correct word, they just have to circle the word.


    Math 15.4 Left and right

    Colored mat  color the ball, party hat, and block blue on the left side and red on the right side.

    Flip! Follow directions on the bottom of the page. If they forget which is left or right have them put up their left hand, fingers together and thumb apart...it makes an “L”

    Practice page: same directions are on the bottom.Enrichment..directions on the bottom. These are fun math pages, but it is important for them to know their left and right and positions.

    Don’t worry, it will get harder again!