• Good Morning my sunshines!


    Lots of work today!


    If you have not done so, please let me know your child’s tee shirt size.


    Edit sentence: he is on a Camel.


    Morning work:vowel paper, cut the words below and past them in the correct column.

    V and Z cut and paste paper. (If you want to save the sheet above and these 2 sheets, these are good papers if you are busy and you want to keep your child busy!

    Dice sentence paper. Read it outloud 3 times. Remember, voice goes up when reading a ?

    Color, shapes and numbers; time and money and clock papers are extra. Save them for a rainy day! I would be giving them these papers in school to have them do independent work.

    Phonics Friday, the v and z packets.


    Math: 15.5 Draw a dog hiding behind the corn. Put an x on the animal inside the barn. Put a star on the object next to the cow. Color the pumpkin to the right of the scarecrow. Circle the bird above the scarecrow.

    Flip  #1 trace the slippers under the bed. Add a square pillow on the bed, put a circle on the shelf.

    #2  Draw a circle around the girl who is to the left of the boy. Put an x on the girl who is to the right of the boy.


    Practice: 15.5  Draw a block on the shelf below the piggy bank. Draw a hat on the doll on the left. 

    Draw a book next to the block.


    Enrichment: Read the directions below. You will have to help them with this page.


    Reteaching: #1  color the cubes inside the basket green, color the cubes outside the basket yellow. 

    #2  circle the cones above the workbench, cross off the cones below the workbench. 


    TEST: #1 circle the picture that shows the square inside the triangle.

    #2  Which shows a sphere below a cone?

    #3  circle the picture that shows what object is behind the cylinder.

    #4.  Look at the 3 blue shapes in a row. Circle what object is next to the cube.

    #5  Circle the animal to the left of the frog.

    #6  Circle the picture with the bee to the right of the pot.  Flip

    #7 cross off  the objects above the spheres.

    #8 circle the objects below the spheres.

    #9  Color all the objects on the right side, blue.

    #10  Color all the objects on the left side, red.

    Good luck! Enjoy your weekend!