• Carefully Cut out the buddies on the white paper.
    • Trace it onto the black paper and cut it out.V
    • Glue it onto the middle of the front of the purple paper, have the paper be horizontal.
    • Next have your child copy the Goodbye poem, exactly as I did. I gave you an extra paper to practice on. 
    • Glue it inside the purple paper. C
    • Have them sign it.


    There will be a special folder in the kindergarten bin. Please have it ready by next weekend when you pick up their last work. 

    Everyone needs to do this for their buddies.

    If you would like to make additional cards that is fine!


    Here is the buddy list:

    8th grader          Kindergartner

    Evangelina          Valentina, Charlie Lew

    Sarah                  Rena, Caterina

    Konrad                Kyan

    Michael               Giovanni

    Courtney             Zoe, Jerome

    Lizzie                  Ava, Alexis

    Tristan                Colin

    John                   Jojo

    Charlie                Charlie M.

    Francesca           Marin, Madison

    Carlie                 Carmen, Cameron

    Ben                    Charles G.

    Sam                   Santino, Mark

    Erin                    Ella, Ellie

    Peter                  Isaiah

    Elliott                  Elijah

    Joe                     Brianna

    Mary                   Anna