• Good day!


    Family TImes

    Last two letter sounds! /q/, /y/

    ❤ words: come, where


    This is a 4 day week, so all work will be done by Thursday! It will be Memorial Day Weekend!


    This is the last story and math topic! Starting next week, it is all review.

    Qq and Yy paper, 5 times each. Please make sure on the letter q dips below the line and forms a little u.X

    Come, where paper.

    Practice pages: pg. 381. Qq and Yy page, 5 times. Pg. 382, put a q or y on the line.

    (q,q, y,q,yard, q)

    Pg. 385..How to..Have the children draw:

    How to plant a seed,  How to build a snowman, How to do addition, How to draw a bird. C

    Pg. 386 question and answer: Have the children write on the first line, How do you make an angel? Draw an angel in the square.A

    Math 16.1 This is tough because the children do not have shapes in front of them. They will be having to count the dots.

    For the front page, have the children copy the shapes. 

    Flip. #1-3. Color the small shapes one color, color the larger shapes another color.

    #4-5 Have the children copy the shapes. Just try!

    Practice:Have the children try and copy the shapes. Skip Enrichment.

    Great job!