• Howdy!


    Edit sentence: the dog can sit on the mat


    Morning work:Q and Y paper cut out

    Counting pennies paper, you can use real pennies to make it more understandable.


    Practice pages: Pg. 387 Word box, after each word that they put in the sentence, have them cross off up top. They really should be able to do this independently. (She, We, Where, Come)

    Please make sure they are starting the sentence with an upper case letter. 

    Pg. 388.circle the correct word, they don’t have to write it.pg. 389  Where would you go to get a library card. Talk about each picture. Pg. 390. What would use to find out the time the library opens? Pg. 391 put qu or y in front of the letters to make the word of the picture. Remember, q always has u with it.

    Pg 392. We love these! Put 1,2,3. Underneath the picture to tell what happens, first, next, last. 


    Math: 16.3 Back to 3D shapes, whew!

    Colored mat: first column, items roll, column two items that stack, column 3 Color the objects that stack.

    #1 - #6  Circle the objects that stack, cross off what has corners.Underline the figures that have more the one flat surface.D D

    Practice and Enrichment follow the directions on the bottom.A Q

    Great job!!