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     This is Memoeial Day weekend. God Bless all who help and protect this country! I gave you two days of work. I know many of you might be traveling, please do this work when YOU can get to it. Relax, enjoy the beautiful weather. Be safe! The final packets will be ready at the end of the weekend! I need a break from putting them in piles!!! Ha! 

    Day 4 Thursday


    Edit sentence: can you go in A van


    Morning work: Q and Y booklets 3 words beginning with q and y on the back.

    Money paper. Get real coins to help your child.

    Fun Q and U married paper. Color in the letters and the car. Attach the cans to the back of the car with q words!D

    Practice page: 393: Remember a noun is a person, place, thing or animal. Circle the noun in the sentence and write it on the line. Pg. 394 cross off, they don’t have to do it.

    Pg. 395, are the pictures about pets or animals, circle the correct word. Below, are the pictures about plants or animals, circle the correct word. Pg. 396: circle the right action word or verb.

    Pg. 397 - 400, the children do not have to do these pages. It was more of an inschool project.


    Math 16.4 On the front cover of the colored mat sheet, talk about how buildings are made with solid figures. Flip.

    #1-3. What shapes make up the stacked shape on the left.

    #4. Draw the flat surface that is on the cylinder. (circle)

    #5. Draw the flat surface that is on the cube. (square).

    Practice: #1-4.circle the stacked objects that match the shapes on the left.

    Enrichment: look at all the stackable shapes. Color the ones that could be stacked, cross off the ones that could not stack like the picture. 


    Day 5 Tuesday

    Dice sentences: read three times!

    Amazing words paperC

    Q and V phonics packet.


    Math 16.5 Mystery shapes! #1-5. Read the clues below to find out the right shape. Cross off the ones that don’t match the clues! (trapezoid, cone, hexagon, cylinder, sphere)

    Practice, same as above. #1- 3 Read the clues, cross off the ones that don’t match the clue.

    (cone, sphere, cylinder, cube).

    Enrichment: Follow the directions on the buttom of the paper. 

    Reteach: #1 circle the pictures that look like a cylinder.

    #2. Which shapes has a flat surface that is a circle.

    #3 Circle all that shapes that can stack.

    #4. Circle the shapes that match the picture on the left.


    Test.#1 Look at the shapes next to #1. Which ones shows them stacked.(A)

    #2. Look at the shape next to #2. Which one matches that shape.(B)

    #3. How many triangles fit into a trapezoid..Use a pencil to draw lines inside the shape to show the triangles. (B)

    #4.What is the flat shape on the cylinder? Draw it.(circle)

    #5. What object can roll?

    #6. It can roll, cannot stack, or has no flat surfaces. (sphere).


    You can do the Religion and Let’s Find out when you have time!