• The stories are as follows:

    Building with Dad

    Old MacDonald had a Woodshop

    Building Beavers

    Alistair and Kip

    The House that Tony Lives In

    Ants and their Nests


    Starting with Building with Dad,  it is a review of our first 3 vowels. The children should do the Family Times as usual. The practice pages are a review. At this point of Kindergarten, the children should do this paper very much independently. Please help them if they need it, but let them try. The other papers are to practice their handwriting skills. 

    Also in this packet are their Math review packets. It is broken down by 5 pages with one lesson on each side. Again it is a review. Please do all the Math review before you give your child the 2 Math tests. Pllease email me if you have any questions on any part of this. 

    I have also included 3 religion chapters and a fun Let’s Find out. 

    Each story will be broken down by Family TImes, Decodables and Practice pages. I have made a video of each story. This work is all review. 


    If we were in school, I would do a story every other day. Please do these stories as they fit into your schedule. They are a great tool to review over the summer.  

    The stories are 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36! They have mastered 36 reading stories!  Make sure you keep the Decodables to review over the summer.  

    I am planning some special virtual events to end the year. Stay tuned! 

    Just know..i miss you more!