• First Grade News


    Happy Friday!  We made it through our first full week of school!  I don’t know how your children are feeling, but I can honestly say that I’m exhausted.  We worked very hard this week and accomplished so much.   I am very proud of my “superheroes”!  

    I was happy to see many of you at our Back to School Night.  If you didn’t make it, you should have received the information packet that I gave out in your child’s backpack yesterday.  I would appreciate it if you would fill out any papers that were in the packet and return them by Monday.  You also received a workbook that your child may keep at home and do the activities which review what was learned in Kindergarten.                         

    We finished the first story in our reading book and the students did a great job with their first assessment...we did it together!.  We reviewed how to write a sentence, using a capital letter to begin each sentence and a period to end it.  We worked on short vowel “a” words and had our first spelling test with a bonus word.  When students took their first reading test they wore their capes to help them channel their superpowers during the assessment! 

    In math the students learned how to add two groups together to get the sum.  We also practiced math facts for +0 and +1 by playing Around the World.  They will receive some written math homework next week, which should be completed on the same night and sent back in the green folder the next day.  It will be stamped “homework.”

    Speaking of homework, the students completed their homework baggies this week with me.  The work is in the green folder today.  The new homework will be in the baggies and will be sent home on Mondays from now on, with the exception of Monday holidays.  Then you can expect them on Tuesdays with the due date of Friday.  Remember, the students’ written work is a reflection of themselves and they should be proud of it, so it should be done NEATLY!

    In religion class we discussed how to “love one another” like Jesus loves us.  We are trying very hard to practice our superhero character values each day with the strength of God helping us. 

    The students thoroughly enjoyed all the special classes this week -  gym taught by me, Spanish, music and art.  Computer class will be starting next Friday.  A gym teacher has been hired and will start the first week in October.  I’ll let you know if the day will change, but for now, we will have gym on Thursday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Next week, Nina will be our Super Star Student.  Please help her fill in the poster and return it on Monday.  She may bring in some treasures from home for show and tell throughout the week.  She will place them into the Me Stew pot to keep them safe each day.  She may also bring in her favorite book on Friday and read a few pages to her classmates.

    Pizza lunch begins next Friday. Milk begins on Monday.  I’m not sure when pictures will be taken.

    We will be going on a field trip on Friday, Oct. 15th to Connors Farm.  More information and permission slips will be sent home next week.  If you would like to chaperone, you will not be able to join us on the bus (no room) but you can meet us there.

    Have a wonderful weekend!