• First Grade News


    We had a very busy week in First Grade.  It was Apple Week!  The students learned many interesting facts about apples and worked on some apple related projects. Because it was the tenth day of school on Monday, Zero the Hero paid us a visit.  She reminded us to NEVER leave 10 ones in the ones column.  We must move them to the tens column and then they become 1 ten.  

    Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is on Sunday, so we read a story about him and learned about his life.   The students also created some 3-D apple booklets and completed a Johnny Appleseed glyph.  We also learned how to distinguish a fact from an opinion, using examples from Johnny Appleseed’s life.

    We made crockpot applesauce to end the week and copied the recipe in case you would like to make it.  The classroom smelled so good while it was cooking.  Most students loved it!

    We finished the second story in our reading book and were tested on it today.  We did the test together, but some students had difficulty even though I read the entire test to them. Students should practice reading the words, especially all the high frequency words, for homework each night.  Students were also tested on this week’s spelling words.  Don’t forget to fill in the reading log and send it back on Monday.  

    When turning in homework baggies, please do not send back the decodable readers.  You only need to return the Tic Tac Toe paper along with all the  written work and high frequency word practice sheet.   Everything else can stay home.  

    In math we finished Chapter 1 and will review on Monday. Students should have a good grasp of adding or subtracting two groups as well as understanding the part-part-whole concept. 

    We learned about Nina, our Super Star of the Week, and what she likes to do.  She brought in many interesting treasures.  We loved her squishies!  Her favorite color is blue.  If she could fix any wrong in the world it would be to make Covid disappear.  Next week’s superstar student will be Caitlyn.  She may bring in her favorite show and tell items each day and then on Friday, she can read a page or two of her favorite book to the class.

    October is the month of the Holy Rosary so we will be praying a decade of the rosary each day.

    Please send in rosary beads with your child if you have them.   

    First graders will take the MAPS tests in reading and math next Tuesday.  Please have your child get to bed early so he/she is well rested.  Also, each child should eat a nourishing breakfast. 

    We will have our ALICE drill (evacuation) next Friday, October 1st.  All students will be picked up in the church hall at dismissal.  You MUST provide a picture ID when dismissing your child.

    We are looking forward to the field trip to Connors Farm in a couple of weeks.  Don’t forget to send in the permission slip along with your payment.  

    Don’t forget to order books from Scholastic Books if you are interested.  The forms were in your Back to School information folder.  My access code NDQW3.  I will be putting in the order next weekend.

    Have a great weekend!