• First Grade News

    October 22, 2021

    What beautiful weather we have been blessed with this week!  It looks like ideal weather for tonight’s schoolyard Halloween party.  

    This week we finished our last story of Unit 1 in our reading series.  Students were tested on this week’s spelling words and reading comprehension today.  We also learned about antonyms and interrogative sentences as well as reviewed how to put words in ABC order.  Students will take the benchmark test for Unit 1 next week.  

    In math, we finished Chapter 2 and students had a pretest yesterday. Some students struggled through it, but today they did much better.  Students should know their doubles up to 5 as well as the double + 1 or -1.  You can review these by asking your child what the double is for 4 (8); then continue with the double + 1 (9) and the double -1( 7).

    Yesterday we went on a leaf walk and collected lots of leaves.  We identified the types of leaves and then made leaf pictures after I read Leaf Man.  We spent time with our buddies, the fourth graders, this afternoon at Moulton Park, looking at the types of trees and their leaves. 

    Mrs. Crane surprised us as our first Mystery Reader of the year this afternoon.  The students were so excited when they saw “Mystery Reader” on our agenda board this morning.  They kept guessing and hoping it was one of their parents all morning.  It is so wonderful to be able to do this in the classroom instead of on zoom.  Hopefully, we can continue to do this all year long. 

    I did not pick a star student this week, but next week Massimo will be our superstar.  Don’t forget to bring in something for show and tell throughout the week.

    On next Friday, students may wear black/orange or halloween shirts for a free casual day.  Please no costumes.  We will also have our classroom Halloween party on Friday.  

    It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of Mr. Richard Ellis, husband of Mrs. Jane Ellis, a teacher who recently retired from our school this year due to an illness of her own.  She had been teaching at SJS for the past 46 years.  My three children had the privilege of being taught by her.  We have been praying a decade of the rosary each day for them and will continue to pray for Mrs. Ellis as she continues to fight her own battle with cancer.

    Hope to see you tonight!  Enjoy the weekend.