• First Grade News


    Happy November!  I can’t believe how quickly the days are passing by.  Monday certainly was a crazy day.  Thank you for your cooperation in getting the students tested and back to school on Tuesday.  I have purchased more at home Covid tests because I just know this is going to keep happening.  I will be keeping one in school so I can test myself at a moment’s notice.  

    We have begun learning how to sound out  long vowel words in this week’s story.  If you find your child is having difficulty with these words, the rule is: when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking and the second one is silent.  Keep reading every night with your child and you will see the reading fluency increase. 

    This week in math we learned how to balance equations on both sides of the equal sign using addition and subtraction.  The students seem to understand the concept.  Keep practicing the math facts so they can commit them to memory and not have to use number lines or fingers.

    Jake, our Star of the Week, shared many of his favorite things with us this week.  He loved his Ghostbuster car, his Toy Story characters, transformers and many other collections.  If he could rid the world of one thing it would be homelessness.  He loves the color orange and his dog, Millie, would be his sidekick.  We won’t have a star student next week because of the shortened week.

    The first marking term will close on Wednesday, November 10th. 

    You will notice a little difference in next week’s homework baggy.  I have extended the homework into the next week with a due date of Wednesday.  We will have our spelling and reading tests on Wednesday and I’ll have the new homework baggy ready for Wednesday night’s homework.  This one will be due on the following Wednesday before the Thanksgiving break. If your child finishes the homework before the due date, please send it in.

    There is no school on Thursday, November 11th for Veteran’s Day and Friday, November 12th for a teacher professional day.  So enjoy the long weekend.  It is also the end of daylight savings time, so we gain an extra hour of sleep.  

    If anyone knows of a veteran who would like to come in to read to us, please get in touch with Mrs. Tremblay.