• First Grade News


    There are many exciting things happening in First Grade as we prepare for Christmas!  Our elf, Chip, is hiding in various areas of the classroom each day.  Sometimes, he even brings along a treat. As you can imagine, our day starts off in such a lively way!

    The students decorated Advent wreaths and hung them in front of their desks.  Each week leading up to Christmas, they will color in a candle flame.  We are also celebrating the season of Advent by decorating our Jesse tree with ornaments representing stories from the Old Testament that trace Jesus’s lineage.

    We finally had a chance to make crockpot pumpkin bread this week.  Every student helped in some way.  It was ready to enjoy before we went home.  Most students loved it! 

    We will finish our fifth  story in the second Reading Street text and the students will be tested on it on Monday along with their spelling words.  It’s just been a crazy time so our scheduling is a bit off.  I really don’t like Monday tests, but I am confident that the students will be well prepared.  

    We are continuing to work on Chapter 4  in math.  Students now know how to add 3 digits to find the sum.  They also realized it’s easier if they can first find the combination of 2 numbers that add up to 10 because adding 10 to any number is easy. 

    Next week, Lucas will be our superstar student.  He may bring in some special treasures to show and tell about them.  He can finish off the week by bringing in his favorite book to read to the class. 

    We will be attending Mass on Wednesday, December 8th at 9:00 for the Immaculate Conception holyday.  It is a gym day, so students should still wear their gym uniforms.  

    Another Casual For a Cause will be held on Dec. 17th.  Students may wear blue or orange and donate $1.00 to the Brain Trauma Foundation.

    Looking ahead, students will be “boarding” the Polar Express on Friday, December 22nd, right here in our classroom.  They should wear their pj’s to school that day.  We will have our Christmas party in the afternoon.

    So many activities to look forward to even though we are still in the midst of a pandemic.  We are trying our best to keep everyone safe.  I pray every day that we can make it through the next few weeks.

    Enjoy the weekend.  Find some time in the “busyness” to spend some quiet time with the Lord as we continue our Advent season.