• First Grade News


    Only three more school days until Christmas vacation!  What a whirlwind!  We’ve done so many activities in such a short amount of time and we’re still going strong. 

    We are working on our Christmas Around the World booklet and will be finished by Tuesday.  It’s fun to learn about how other countries celebrate the 

    Christmas season. 

    We are continuing to read from the Old Testament and learn how Jesus became a descendant of King David.  Today at Mass, the gospel followed the genealogy of Jesus and named all His descendants.  Did you know that it took 42 generations before Jesus was born?  We are blessed to be part of this family, too! 

    We’ve been practicing our songs for the Christmas concert which will be recorded on Tuesday.  Students should wear dress up holiday clothing that day.  

    On Wednesday we will enjoy our Polar Express party in the morning and keep the partying going in the afternoon.  Students should wear their pj’s to school on Wednesday.  Please donate $1.00 for the Kentucky tornado disaster.

    Parker was our superstar of the week and also celebrated his birthday today.  He loves hockey!  He would like to rid the world of homelessness.  We loved his nativity set and his hockey mask.  

    Caden was surprised when his mother visited us as the Mystery Reader today.  She read a Christmas story to the students.  They love being read to!

    Ms. Loraine and I wish you and your family will be blessed with a happy, healthy, and holy Christmas Day as well as a wonderful New Year ahead.