• First Grade News


    We had a very busy week and we survived the exceptionally cold days.  We are hardy New Englanders!  Take a peek at our website for some great pictures which I will post over the next couple of days.

    We completed our second story in Reading Street and were assessed.  The stories are getting more difficult, so more time is needed to prepare for the assessments.  Students can only become stronger readers by practicing reading out loud.  You MUST set aside time to let your child read to you.  Next week’s story is different from the one in the reading text you have at home.  We are using an updated version of Reading Street in the classroom.  So, some of the stories have changed.  These stories, however, use most of the same spelling words and vocabulary, so the new skills are the same.  Students should practice reading Jan’s New Home from the book you have at home.

    In math, we began Chapter 6, learning how to use the hundred chart and distinguish columns from rows.  Students can count by 10 from any number by locating the number on the chart and counting down the column.  They enjoy beginning our math lessons with some mental math activities.  Keep practicing these at home.

    We began to learn about penguins this week.  We had a virtual penguin encounter with the aquarium, thanks to the generosity of the Skeirik family.  The students were enthralled with this presentation!  We know that they live in the Southern Hemisphere.  Most live where it is very cold; however, some do live where it is hot.  They live near water because they eat fish.  Both parents take care of their babies.  It is fascinating to watch how the egg is passed to the mate without touching the ground.

    We also learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and what it means to show justice.  

    Olivia was our superstar student this week.  She loves unicorns!  If she could rid the world of one thing it would be to stop destroying animal habitats.  Her dog, Chewy, would be her sidekick.  Next week, Noelle will be our star student.

    There is no school on Monday as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  

    Have a great long weekend!.