• First Grade News


    We had a great Catholic Schools Week!  I am grateful for the gift card, chocolates, and flowers.  The students enjoyed the extra recess on Wednesday and the Hoodsies on Thursday.  We made Valentine cards for the residents of Brightview and contributed to the prayer chain for our nation.  We collected $116.00 for the Mission of Deeds.  Thank you all for contributing to this important fundraiser.

    We completed the 5th story in our reading series and learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.  The students will be tested on the material on Monday.  In math we continued to compare 2 digit numbers and used the terms less than, greater than, and equal to when comparing them.  I also introduced the T table as a way to add math facts quickly.  Please keep practicing them with your child, both addition and subtraction.  I still see fingers being used to add. 

    This week’s superstar student was Julia.  She loved showing off her stuffed animals.  What a collection!  She also loves ice skating.  Her superhero is her mom.  She would like to rid the world of covid.   We’ll pause this activity next week because I couldn’t pick a student yesterday due to the no school day.

    We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday, the 14th.  When making out valentines, please include Serena.  I will send them home to her via her cousin.  I am hoping she will be able to rejoin the class after her mother has the baby in March.  Mrs. Casoli will be in contact with some of you to help contribute to the class party. 

    Thank you for the contributions to the classroom store.  We will be shopping again soon. 

    Report cards will be distributed next Friday.  Please sign and return them by the following Monday.  There is a half-day scheduled on Friday, March 4th for conferences if you would like to meet to discuss your child’s progress.  

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Please keep our second graders in your prayers as they make their First Reconciliation today.  Stay safe and well.