• Grade 1 News


    How do you like this crazy weather?  One day, sunny and a bit springlike, then the next thing we know, we’re in the middle of a snowstorm!  Can’t wait for the warmer weather to finally stick around for more than a day.  Maybe this is what’s causing so many of us to feel “under the weather.”

    We’ve finished our second story of Unit 4 in Reading Street this week.  We compared and contrasted the Disney version of Cinderella with the one in our book.  The students know that compare means looking at what is the same and contrast means looking at what is different. 

    In math, we began Chapter 9 which introduces the students to adding two-digit numbers based on place value.  We will look at decomposing and composing numbers, locating the digit to determine its value, adding and subtracting tens with tens and ones with ones, while using different models. 

    I read How to Catch a Leprechaun to the students the other day.  They are very excited to make their own trap and bring it into school next Wednesday.  We will set them up around our classroom before the end of the day to try to catch a pesky leprechaun during the night.  You do know that leprechauns come out the night before St. Patrick’s Day to create havoc.  You do not have to make a trap, but if this is something you enjoy doing with your child, have fun, and then he/she can bring it in and we’ll see if we’re lucky enough to catch one! 

    Eleni was our star student this week.  She sure has lots of stuffed animals!  She especially loves tigers.  We loved her sewing machine!  She would rid the world of Covid as well as stopping the killing of animals for profit.  Can you believe she would have a tiger as her sidekick!  Next week, Cole will be our student of the week.  

    Casual for a Cause will be held on Thursday, March 17th for Juvenile Diabetes.  Students may wear “green” for St. Patrick’s Day by donating $1.00. 

    Next Friday, March 18th, is a no school professional day. Enjoy the day off.  

    There are seven first graders in the school play, Peter Pan.  The production will be performed on March 25th and 27th at Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody.  I hope you will come and support them.

    Have a good weekend.  Lots of rain and possible snow are coming our way on Saturday!