• First Grade News


    We had a full week of school and got lots done.  March, which usually feels like the longest of months, is coming to an end rather quickly.  I can’t wait for it to really feel like spring! 

    The fourth story, A Southern Ranch, has been completed and students were assessed today.  We worked on finding the details of the story which support the facts.   Students also have been working on including adjectives in their writing.  We used some of them to describe the season of spring and added them to the rainbows which decorate our classroom.  

    We completed Chapter 9 in math and learned how to use the number line when counting by 10’s.  We are also having T table contests each day,  adding math facts as fast as possible.  The first student who finishes and gets all the facts correct, gets $1.00.  Keep practicing!

    Cole was our superstar student this week.  If he had a superpower it would be to help all the poor people in the world.  We loved seeing his collection of Pokemon cards and his toy car.  His entire family would be his sidekicks!  Next week, Georgia will be our superhero superstar.

    The SJS Drama Club will be performing Peter Pan this Friday evening and again on Sunday afternoon.  I hope you will be able to come to Bishop Fenwick to see these performances which include our very own Antonio, Caden, Calvin, Cole and Lucas as Lost Boys, Caitlyn as an Indian, and Nina as a fairy.  Everyone has worked extremely hard and their hard work will finally pay off!    

    On next Friday we will attend the 9:00 Mass as we continue our Lenten journey.  Students should wear Class A uniforms.      

    On Sunday, April 3rd, the NEASC accreditation visiting team will arrive and be here for a few days to observe and meet with teachers, parents, students, and board members to see if we indeed live our mission.  Are you familiar with our Mission Statement?  You may see these women at drop -off and pick up.  We have been working on this for the past three years, but due to the pandemic, the visit was postponed and it is finally time for us to shine. 

    Enjoy the weekend!