• First Grade News

    April 8, 2022

    It was another busy week, and the accreditation visit is over!  The visiting team loved our school!  As a matter of fact, we received four commendations, which is very rare in this process.  Our administration, faculty, parents, and students were highly acclaimed by every team member.  They commented that we are truly a Catholic school and living our mission.

    The superheroes are working very hard.  We finished our last story in Unit 4 of Reading Street and were tested on it.  Next week we will finish up with the poems at the end of the book and continue our poetry unit by looking at some Shel Silverstein poems.  The students will also have their benchmark test on Unit 4 next week.  

    Because we will not have a weekly story next week, homework will be done a little differently.  Students should complete each night’s work and bring it back the next day. Do not wait until the end of the week. 

    We finished up Chapter 10 in math and began the next chapter.  We had fun measuring with cubes and paper clips throughout the week.  In the next chapter, we will learn how to read and record data using various graphs.  This should be fairly easy since the students have been exposed to this in the Math Minutes that we do as part of our morning work.   

    This week Lily was our superstar student.  We loved seeing all her beanie babies and her helicopter.  If she could rid the world of anything it would be the evil people.  Her dad is her hero as well as her sidekick.  Next week, Tyler will be our superstar.   

    We met with K - 3 and discussed the last two Stations of the Cross and Holy Week which is coming up next week.  The students took home their Stations booklet yesterday.

    The third marking term ended today and report cards will be given out next Thursday.  I am pleased with the students’ progress.  It’s great to see them read this newsletter as soon as I pass it out!

    Just a reminder there is no school next Friday due to it being Good Friday.  

    Have a great weekend!