• First Grade News


    What a busy week we’ve had!  It seems we are busier than ever as we head into our final few weeks of the year.  MAPS testing is complete for most of the students and I am pleased with the growth of all students.   We began to learn about the 50 states, as well as started practicing our poems for the Poets’ Tea.  

    We’ve finished story 3 in Reading Street.  Only 3 more stories left!  

    We’re still working on 2 and 3D shapes in math and will finish this chapter next week.  Then we will move onto fractions, our last chapter.The students are writing about their classmates and letting each other know how special each student is.  Every student will receive a book about themselves along with a silhouette of the student for its cover.

    We have finished 14 of the 50 states so far on our journey around the USA.  Hopefully, we will finish before the end of the year.  

    For the past couple of weeks the first and fourth graders have been enjoying buddy time on Friday afternoons.  The students have been learning about the Eucharistic Miracles.  Today we acted out some of the miracles for each other.  

    As you know, we will be going to the Museum of Science on Thursday, May 26th.  Eight parents have signed up to help chaperone.  We found out that the admission for chaperones is $5.00, and parking can be validated at the ticket booth inside the museum.  As of now, we are not sure how many chaperones can fit inside the 4D exhibit hall.  Remember, you must have a CORI form on file with the school.

    The Kids Fun Run will take place on Saturday, May 21st at the lake from 1:00 - 3:00.  Don’t forget to send in your pledges.

    We will celebrate our summer birthdays over the next few weeks.  Caitlyn - May 25th, 

    Olivia - May 31st,(no school on her actual birthday, Caroline - June 2nd,  Massimo - June 3rd, Caden - June 7th, Ms. Lorraine - June 8th(her actual birthday).

    Enjoy the weekend!  It’s suppose to have that summer feel to it!