Hosted and Sponsored Events

  • PTO hosted events are meant to foster and strengthen the sense of community within the school. Below is a list of upcoming events the PTO is proud to sponsor:
    -  Meet & Greets for the Early Childhood Program and incoming Kindergarten class
    -  Back to School Night
    -  PTO Pizza and Movie Night
    -  Halloween Party
    -  Catholic Schools Week - Movie Day and Open House
    -  Pancake Breakfast
    -  Bi-annual Parent Forum
    -  First Communion Planting
    -  Field Day
    -  Uniform Grab
    - Various Teach Appreciation Gifts/Events Throughout the Year
    Please note that additional activities may be added throughout the year.

    If you would like to participate, donate or contribute to any of of the above, please contact a PTO Officer, send us a message at Or better yet, come to a PTO meeting in person to sign up!

    The PTO also runs a program called "The Sunshine Club" which is an internal school resource for families facing hardship.  Visit the PTO sub-page for this resource to learn more!