HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 

    January, 2020


    I hpoe you had a wonderful holiday season! I missed all of the boys and girls! I cant wait to start school! 

    New d  words: me, she, with

    Phonics letter: b,n

    Monday: Library

    Tuesday: Gym

    Wednesday: Art

    Thursday: Computers

    Friday: Buddies


    Please practice these letters with your child: m, t. a, s, p, c, i.b,n All letters start at the top! Lower case start at the dotted line. Numbers need to be practiced, many are backwards, practice, practice, practice! Also, if your child does their Family Times, send them in for special sticker.

    Please use the Scott Forseman site on the left hand side. It has lots of activities that correspond to our story. This week we are on Unit 3 Story 1 when we return.

      Remember, anything you want me to know, either send me and email or note! 

    This month the children will learn to count by 2's, learn all about owls and learn about the amazing life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Let us all find our dream.


    I am finding it hard to post pictures, maybe I need a snow day! HA!


    Mrs. D