• November, 2020


    Tomorrow starts December!! We will learn all about the Advent and Christmas season. We will also do crafts and fun projects celebrating Sanata Clause! Tomorrow, as the children enter the school, the classroom has been transformed into Christmas!(Well as much as the CDC will allow!!! HA!


    • This week our Reading story is A Bed for the Winter. We have 2 new f  words: for, he. Please make sure you have them say the word, spell the word and say the word everyday!!. 

    • our phonics word is our second vowel /i/.
    • Math we are starting Topic 7 Addition!
    • Science, Getting ready for the Winter season.
    • Religion: Advent

    If you look on the left hand side of the menu, you will see Scotts Foresman helper. There are activities that correspond to each of our reading stories. We are on Unit 2 story 5.

     Tuesday: Library, remember to send back your child's library book by Tuesday.

    Tuesday & Friday: Art,

    Wed: Gym. Please wear gym uniform and sneakers!

    Thursday: Computers 


    Early release on Friday, @ 11:20


    Happy Thanksgiving! 


    Mrs. DiBenedetto

     Have a fabulous week!

    Mrs. D.







    Mrs. D