A Note from Dr. Sullivan

  • Things We Take for Granted

    We often hear from parishioners, visitors to the school, and the public that they are impressed with our students. Everyone who comes in contact with one of our students, or simply observes them, expresses delight with their respectful social skills and gentle caring for each other, as well as the poise, confidence, and articulate speaking ability of even our youngest students in their interactions with others. 

    These are everyday expected behaviors for our children.  We don’t think about them, we take them for granted. But, these intangible, yet observable, elements are the same social skills which are hallmarks of highly successful quality adults.  We find that these are skills that are taught at home but are reinforced at school.

    Just a small example.  One First Friday not long ago, our whole school attended Mass as usual.  During Communion, an elderly man in the front row had his cane fall off the pew.  One of our children was rounding the pew and, without missing a beat, dropped down, picked it up and hung it on the pew.  She then gave the man a giant smile not uncommon for our children.

    We have come to expect this behavior from our students, but truly beam with pride each and every time they bring such a level of respect to our school.  Each and every one of you should be very proud of your children….. We certainly are.

    Joseph M. Sullivan, Ed.D