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School Calendar

The calendars on our website are a terrific resource that we encourage you to check often!

We have two calendar formats. 

  • A single page calendar in a printable format.  We suggest that you print this out and post in your home.  It shows the first and last days of school, early release days and no school days.  Click here to download a copy of this calendar in PDF format.
  • A much more detailed monthly calendar format with entries for each of our many school events.  This is kept up to date throughout the year as events change and new events are added.  

You can subscribe to the calendar feed for the monthly calendar so that it will automatically populate in your Google, Apple, Outlook, etc. calendars on your computer and/or mobile device.  For instructions on how to subscribe to the calendar feed, please click here.

Both calendars are always available to you by clicking on the calendar icon near the top of our home page or just below the calendar feed in the middle of our home page:

Please direct any questions regarding our calendars to