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Weather Cancellations

Please remember that, with families coming from 16 communities, our school does not simply follow Wakefield Public Schools.  Dr. Sullivan makes a decision based on the safety of our students, faculty and families based on conditions in Wakefield as well as our surrounding communities.
We recognize that arrangements need to be made for the care of our students in the event that our school is closed.  Therefore, we will issue an announcement the evening prior to any cancellation.  
Announcements will be made via:
  • E-mail to all school families and other recipients of this newsletter
  • E-mail to faculty and staff
  • Notice on the front page of our school website at
  • WBZ (channel 4)
  • WCVB (channel 5)
  • WHDH (channel 7)
  • WFTX (channel 25)
In the event that our school is closed, all after school activities that day are also cancelled.
If no announcement is made the evening prior, our school is open the following day with regular hours.  
Please feel free to contact the main office at 781-245-2081 with any questions.