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Bucket Filling

On Thursday, January 3, the Kindergarten class read a story entitled "Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?"  The book helps the children to understand how doing good deeds and making someone else feel good about themselves can make make a person feel good.  Even a smile can make someone's day!

The students in Grade 2 each have a bucket to which Mrs. Parris adds notes to inspire them.  The students in Grade 2 visited with the Kindergarteners to share the notes in their buckets.  Later in the day, the Grade 2 students wrote and presented bucket-filler notes to the Kindergarten students.  This experience with the Grade 2 students truly brought the book to life for the Kindergarteners.

Everyone ended the day with a dance party that was so fun, Grade 1 decided to join in as well!  Students had a blast dancing to the Macarena and the Chicken Dance.

What a fun, meaningful day for the students in K-2!  We are so blessed by them and their wonderful teachers!  Let's all seek out ways to fill each other's buckets every day!