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Letters for Phillip


Last week, 41 children in our school gave back to someone they didn’t know, but needed their help.

This news article was given to Mrs. Parris, our Grade 2 teacher, on Wednesday, January 16. 

A suggestion was made that her students write letters with their buddies on Friday, January 18 for this 12 year old boy going through the fight of his life. 

Not only did Mrs. Parris get all 14 students in her class involved, but other grades joined in.  All together, our school was able to mail out 41 letters of compassion, support and pure kindness.  To read some of these letters would make anyone - on the coldest of days – be filled with warmth!

It makes me proud to be a Saint Joe’s family.  In two days, we went above and beyond, and that is something that I know does not happen everywhere.