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Grade 4 Literature Circles

Mrs. Chiodini has begun working with some of the Grade 4 students in literature circles.  The group in this picture is reading the same book together and having an in-class conference with Mrs. Chiodini while the other students are reading or writing under Mrs. Maher's supervision.  All of the students are working on sharpening their critical thinking skills.  The questions that the students are writing about and discussing from their reading involve:

  • Making predictions
  • Finding evidentiary support in the text to support their predictions
  • Re-evaluating their predictions and opinions as new facts come to light
  • Making connections between the text and themselves and/or their world
  • Making connections between this text and other texts they have read

The students are really enjoying reading this year!  Great work, Mrs. Chiodini, Mrs. Maher and Grade 4!