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Siobhan (Grade 5): 

I have always admired how incredibly loving and talented the teachers at Saint Joseph School are.  They view their role not as a job, or a career, but rather as a vocation.  Their love and commitment shines through in everything that they do and that has been true every single day of the eight years that my son Sean has attended this school.  This has never been more true, though, than in the last several weeks.  Each and every teacher has worked, and continues to work, incredibly hard to adjust their teaching strategies to maximize the learning of our children virtually.  They did not miss a beat adding Zoom, Google Classroom and other websites, and so many other on-line resources to their tried and true strategies, to make sure that our children are staying on track and learning just as much as they would in the physical classroom without any lost time at all.  Through Zoom meetings and other communications with each family, they have been able to keep our children feeling connected and safe and to reinforce the power of prayer and God’s loving protection in this scary time.  They have been incredibly open to feedback from parents as we all adjust to virtual learning.  We are truly blessed by this amazing faculty and the way that SJS has been able to continue to advance all aspects of our children’s education so seamlessly!