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Lisa (Grades K, 2nd and 5th):

Even without our school being open we are receiving videos & lessons from all of our specialist teachers. All of my children enjoy listening to music with Mrs. Burton, watching art class with Mr. McGaw, listening to Mrs. Trembly reach library stories.  I am thankful that:  That the 5th grade meets daily thru Zoom with both of their teachers.  It helps James connect to his classmates & allows him to continue to learn new material. My Kindergartener can watch videos of Mrs. D reading stories & teaching her lessons.  There are days when she doesn’t want to do her schoolwork at home but she will always watch Mrs. D & I know she is learning.  Mrs. Parris held a one-on-one class thru FaceTime with my 2nd grader because he was having trouble with his spelling words.  Just seeing her face & hearing her words of encouragement helped so much!!!! She constantly reminds us that we can call her for help anytime. Mrs. Chiodini continues to invite her students ( and their families) to pray the rosary with her on scheduled nights.  She is constantly checking in with our kids’ mental/emotional well being and guiding them through this tough time.