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Sheila (Grade 6):

I am thoroughly impressed by the virtual online learning of St. Josephs.   This  transition to online learning was so streamlined!  The students did not miss a beat!    The students have continued their online education, learning new material, taking tests and completing projects, all while having daily Zoom lessons from day 1!    I believe that this demonstrates the commitment this amazing staff has to our children.     These teachers are committed, teaching the whole child while connecting to us families.  This is done each and everyday.  This effort speaks volumes!    
One might think that a Catholic education provides a good, old-fashioned education, and it does.   However, there is nothing old-fashioned to online virtual learning.    St. Josephs provides the best of both worlds- extraordinary teachers using both traditional and nontraditional methods in teaching our children. 
I could not be more proud of St. Josephs School!