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Jenny and Pat (6th and 7th Grades)

We feel so fortunate that our boys are at St. Joseph School, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when schools had to shutter their doors. We got the notice on a Friday that we’d be transitioning to remote learning and by Monday morning our teachers had online school up and running with an organized and full schedule. From 8:30am until 1pm, our middle school boys are engaged in scheduled online classes using Zoom and google classroom. They may have a Zoom meet at the beginning of their scheduled class time to engage in real time learning with their teacher or maybe an educational video post and this is followed by time to complete assignments posted in google classroom or time to take a quiz or test. We love that they are on a schedule from 8:30 till 1p every school day. After the scheduled class time, they complete as homework anything that wasn’t finished during class time, study for quizzes and tests or complete any additional projects that have been assigned such as science experiments that can easily be done with common household items. Their art teacher posts a new art project on our school blog every week for the kids to do at home.  I have even enjoyed taking part in experimenting with perspective drawing and making a leprechauns laird! Their gym teacher posts exercises and games to help them stay physically active. Every Wednesday after school they still have band online. Their band teacher does a fantastic job instructing them on zoom.

I also really enjoy the weekly zoom coffee hour with our principal where he checks in on each and every parent that participates to see how we are doing, what concerns we may have and to get feedback from us. 
We don’t know what the fall holds, but we are confident our teachers will be able to handle whatever comes our way. They have proven they can seamlessly transition in and out of online learning as needed. We couldn’t be more thankful. 

The teachers, administrators and families at SJS have unmatched heart and spirit. We are so thankful to be part of this gem of a school like no other.