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COVID Protocol

Dear Families,

As we continue to cope with the ongoing pandemic and fall gets underway, we want to clarify Saint Joseph School’s COVID policies and procedures. Additionally, we want to urge all families to take extra precautions in keeping our school community healthy - keep your children home if they are sick, get them tested as warranted, and follow CDC guidelines regarding gatherings and travel.


  • The Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Boston is currently reviewing its policies regarding masks and testing over the next couple of days. We will update you as we learn more. 

  • We are reviewing the “test and stay program” from the Commonwealth per the suggestion of Wakefield’s health director. Under this program, a child would be tested in school and could return to class if the rapid test is negative. We will also update you on this program as we learn more.

COVID Policies and Procedures:

  • Travel: Any unvaccinated child that travels out of state must produce a negative test result before returning to school.

  • Tests: We now accept any approved COVID test, rapid or PCR. You must email a copy of the test results to Nurse Haladay or send a hard copy with your child before he/she can return to school. 

  • Positive case procedures:

    • If a child tests positive, that family will follow the guidance of the local board of health regarding length of quarantine and a safe return to school. 

    • That child’s class will be closed temporarily until the classroom has been thoroughly cleaned. 

    • The school will notify parents of classmates as soon as we are notified about the positive case. We never delay notification to the class. Families must then:

      • Get their child tested. As soon as your child receives a negative test, you must send the results to the school and the child will be allowed to return.

      • Siblings of the exposed child who also attend SJS do not need to be tested. However, they must remain home until their exposed sibling receives negative test results. For example, if there is a positive case in the second grade, families who have a second grader and children in other grades must keep all children home until their second grader receives a negative test result, but only the second grader needs to be tested. 

    • Vaccinated students: For our middle school students who have been vaccinated, they do not need to be tested but must monitor for symptoms, per CDC guidelines. 

  • In-school precautions:

    • Frequent handwashing will remain in place.

    • Desks and chairs are cleaned in between classes in the middle school and at the end of the day in the lower grades. 

    • Disposable masks are suggested for hygiene. Indoor masking is required but masks are not required outside.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please call the main office at 781-245-2081.

Dr. Joseph Sullivan, D. Ed.