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Dear Parents,

After a great deal of consideration, Paul Effman Music has made the decision to teach 100% online this school year. With safety always being the priority, many factors have contributed to this decision, but the two main factors are:

  1. Our teachers teach in multiple buildings per week
  2. Studies into the safety of playing a wind/brass instrument and singing have been conducted by multiple leading organizations. As of now, the results are inconclusive and potential spray output is still considered a possible transmission risk.  

*A list of the organizations that conducted this study can be found at the bottom of this email

As you know, we quickly moved to a temporary online platform when the pandemic shut down all of the schools in March. Since that time, we have been working diligently to create the most versatile and comprehensive online learning platform available anywhere. The curriculum allows us to be able to provide live weekly classes through Zoom and we have added our entire curriculum to our new website. Both parents and students will have the opportunity to engage in the learning process. The online lessons will include:

  1. Live zoom classes in small groups
  2. A video library with learning materials, online play-along music, and other content to keep students engaged
  3. Masterclasses offered monthly by professional musicians
  4. All of our teachers and staff will always be readily available to help and ensure that online lessons are just as productive as in-person, with even more practice tools


  1. You will receive a 30-day (from first lesson date) money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
  1. Scheduling – Zoom class schedules will be sent out in mid-September.  Lessons will begin the last week of September through the first week of October


We have created the following webpage so you can see and learn about all of the instruments offered and register for class:

Click the link to register! Please note that we will not be auto-renewing for this school year as planned due to the circumstances.  So to register, you must click the link.
The 2020-2021 school year will certainly be an interesting and challenging year, but it is our hope to keep the music alive so that when things can return to the way the were, our students will be ready to perform for their school and community again!

Paul Effman Music wants to wish all of you the best of luck getting back to school. We are always here for you to do whatever we can to help.  Please stay safe and healthy!!!