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Online Book Fair

Yippee, it's book fair time!

Saint Joseph School is hosting their fall Follett Book e-Fair.  Everything is online and easy to access.  
This is a good opportunity to purchase books as gifts for Christmas.  We are ending the e-Fair in November to give the books enough time to arrive prior to Christmas vacation.
The Book e-Fair dates are:
Sunday, October 4th through Sunday, November 22nd
Below is the code to log in to Follett for our e-Fair.
You can check when you log in to our e-Fair or ask your teacher
if they made a "Wish List" for books they would like for their class.  
If you purchase a book for a specific teacher or for the library, please let Mrs. Tremblay know and she will make sure that you can write a note in the book to the teacher so they know who donated it to the class.  
If you want to donate a book(s) to the library check out DebbieTremblay's Wish List. 
Please email Mrs. Tremblay with any questions: