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It is book fair time again!!! Tuesday, April 23rd - Thursday, April 25th

Book Fair

It is Book Fair time again!!  We are again having a Scholastic Book Fair.

Dates: Tuesday, April 23rd, Wednesday, April 24th and  Thursday, April 25th

Times:  8:30 - 1:30 

Below is a link to our school Book Fair page.  A key feature of the Book Fair is the eWallet.  Signing up for an eWallet for your student(s) will allow them to pay for their books cash free.  The eWallet can be set up from our school Book Fair homepage.  This makes a great gift.  Anyone in your family can set up an eWallet for your student(s) for them to use. 


*If you have money left over from last year's Book Fair you can use  it again this year.  Go to the school Book Fair homepage and set up a new eWallet.  Your name and balance will come up and you can add what you want to the existing balance.  The money can also be used at most any Scholastic book program.