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  • Mission Statement

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/23/2019

    In anticipation of the renewal of our NEASC accreditation which will take place next year, Dr. Sullivan has prepared an updated version of our school mission statement for review and comment by parents and faculty. Dr. Sullivan welcomes your questions and comments.


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  • Social and Emotional Wellness

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/23/2019


    On Friday, while our students enjoyed a day off, our faculty spent a full day at a professional development course sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston.

    The teachers spent the day focusing on the social and emotional wellness of their students.  At the end of the day, they celebrated a Mass which brought home to them how important their role is in the lives of their students.

    We are so grateful for these beautiful people pictured here who care so deeply for our students.  Thank you for all that you do, and that the role that you fill, in the life of each child at SJS!

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  • Celebrating Spring

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/23/2019


    On Wednesday, March 20, Kindergarten went outside to enjoy the first day of spring.  What better way than to blow bubbles?  Don't you wish that you could go back and do Kindergarten with Mrs. D? 

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  • Basketball Banquet

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/23/2019

    We had a wonderful celebration of this year's terrific Hawks basketball season last weekend!

    We are so proud of the students and parents that make this program about so much more than basketball.  Students learn about teamwork and overcoming challenges.  Friendships and mentorships grow just as athletic skills do.  

    Congratulations to every student and sincere thanks to every parent who supported the program, and especially to: 

    League Coordinators - Patrick Foy and Kevin Ryder

    Girls Coach - John Kennedy

    Grade 7 & 8 Boys Coach - David DeSimone

    Grade 5 & 6 Boys Coaches - Pat Brown (Head Coach), Paul Connor & Robert Burgess (Assistant Coaches)

    Official Scorekeeper - Ron Swain 

    Some of our best photos from the season may be found in these albums, with grateful photo credits to Amy Lemieux:

    Girls Photo Album

    Boys Grade 5/6 Photo Album

    Boys Grade 7/8 Photo Album

    The incredible video above was prepared by Amy & Dave Lemieux and is an amazing tribute to the coaches, players and fans!  Go Hawks!

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  • Rice Bowls

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/21/2019


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  • Lucky Charms

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/16/2019


    Grade 2 students enjoyed another fun math project this week using Lucky Charms cereal as math manipulatives!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Grade 2!

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  • Geoboards

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/16/2019



    Students in Grade 2 are using geoboards to work on their multiplication skills!  What a fun and creative way to enjoy learning! 

    Great job, Mrs. Parris and Grade 2!

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  • Bird Watching

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/16/2019


    Mrs. D, Mrs. Melino and Mrs. Parris - our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers - have been taking a continuing education class in incorporating nature into their teaching.  

    Here they are pictured doing some bird watching as part of the class.  They are having a blast and already planning ways to put their learning to use in each of their classrooms!

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  • Stations of the Cross

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/16/2019


    Every Friday afternoon in Lent, students in Grades 4 - 8 go to the church and pray the Stations of the Cross together.

    Students act out the stations, read reflections, and pray together.

    It is a beautiful and moving experience.  We invite parents to join us, just as we do for Monday morning Praise & Worship!  

    For more pictures, please see our Flickr album.

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  • Grade 3 St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

    Posted by Siobhan Murphy on 3/16/2019



    Grade 3 had a fun time celebrating St. Patrick's Day this week!  

    They played multiplication shamrock math and they also had a fun party on Friday!

    Pray for us, Saint Patrick!

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