Weather Alert


  • As winter approaches, we will add a few protocols to make sure all students arrive to school safely and remain warm and dry during the day.

    1. COLD:  Cold will not interfere with normal outdoor morning formations.
      Exceptions WILL be announced early in the morning, via an appropriate sign reading INSIDE on the three entrance doors.

    2.  RAIN: There will be no formation in the morning. Students will enter the school and go directly to their classrooms. From there normal  classroom procedures apply. Once again, a sign reading INSIDE will be posted on all three doors indicating students should enter  immediately.

    3. SNOW:  Light snow does not ordinarily interfere with morning  formations. Accumulated snow will result in following the rain   protocol. The sign reading INSIDE will indicate that students should enter and go to their classroom.

    4. Staying safe and dry in school in the winter.
    • Outdoor clothing should be worn to school. This includes outdoor shoes or boots, extra socks, mittens, hats.
    • Students need to bring indoor shoes and an extra pair of socks to be worn inside. Boots will be placed in a designated area, and outdoor clothing will be taken off and hung on the hooks.


  • We do not always follow Wakefield Public Schools. For EMERGENCY OR SEVERE WEATHER notifications, please look and listen for Saint Joseph School, Wakefield for “NO SCHOOL” or “DELAYED OPENING” announcements on WBZ [Channel 4], WCVB [Channel 5], WRKO [Channel 7] Fox News 25 TV and NECN and on radio WRKO[680 AM].

    We will also update the Saint Joseph School website [] and issue a school-wide text alert (if you are signed up via the Parent Portal).

    In the case of a Delayed Opening, school begins at 9:30 a.m.