• Jenny and Pat (6th and 7th Grades):

    We feel so fortunate that our boys are at St. Joseph School, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic when schools had to shutter their doors. We got the notice on a Friday that we’d be transitioning to remote learning and by Monday morning our teachers had online school up and running with an organized and full schedule. From 8:30am until 1pm, our middle school boys are engaged in scheduled online classes using Zoom and google classroom. They may have a Zoom meet at the beginning of their scheduled class time to engage in real time learning with their teacher or maybe an educational video post and this is followed by time to complete assignments posted in google classroom or time to take a quiz or test. We love that they are on a schedule from 8:30 till 1p every school day. After the scheduled class time, they complete as homework anything that wasn’t finished during class time, study for quizzes and tests or complete any additional projects that have been assigned such as science experiments that can easily be done with common household items. Their art teacher posts a new art project on our school blog every week for the kids to do at home.  I have even enjoyed taking part in experimenting with perspective drawing and making a leprechauns laird! Their gym teacher posts exercises and games to help them stay physically active. Every Wednesday after school they still have band online. Their band teacher does a fantastic job instructing them on zoom. I also really enjoy the weekly zoom coffee hour with our principal where he checks in on each and every parent that participates to see how we are doing, what concerns we may have and to get feedback from us.  We don’t know what the fall holds, but we are confident our teachers will be able to handle whatever comes our way. They have proven they can seamlessly transition in and out of online learning as needed. We couldn’t be more thankful. The teachers, administrators and families at SJS have unmatched heart and spirit. We are so thankful to be part of this gem of a school like no other. 

    Christen & Patrick (Benjamin - SJS Class of '17; MC Class of '21 & Elizabeth - SJS Class of '20, MC Class of '24):
    We couldn't be more impressed and frankly proud of how quickly and seamlessly SJS transitioned the middle school to online learning.  When news of the shutdowns came on Friday, March 13, by 6:00PM the parents received an email from the school that included the process and schedule for online learning set to begin Monday, March 16 at 8:30AM.  Without missing a beat, my Grade 8 student has continued planned learning on a defined schedule & in a virtual classroom environment with her teachers and classmates present.  In addition to her academic education continuing, the routine of attending classes, having homework, interacting with classmates and teachers, and especially praying together has been a source of stability and distraction from the constant unknown caused by the virus and subsequent quarantine.  I didn't think I could think more highly of our SJS teachers and school, but I was wrong. The way they have so brilliantly continued on with educating and caring for our students well being is truly amazing and a testament to their commitment to their academic and spiritual calling.  After 13 years at SJSl, this year of "lasts" has been emotional for us. Thank you for giving our family one more incredible FIRST at Saint Joseph School! We can never repay the gratitude we feel towards SJS for the care and education they have provided to our children. Our children's great successes have in large part been because of this incredible school.
    Sheila (Grade 6):
    I am thoroughly impressed by the virtual online learning of St. Josephs.   This  transition to online learning was so streamlined!  The students did not miss a beat!    The students have continued their online education, learning new material, taking tests and completing projects, all while having daily Zoom lessons from day 1!    I believe that this demonstrates the commitment this amazing staff has to our children.     These teachers are committed, teaching the whole child while connecting to us families.  This is done each and everyday.  This effort speaks volumes!  One might think that a Catholic education provides a good, old-fashioned education, and it does.   However, there is nothing old-fashioned to online virtual learning.    St. Josephs provides the best of both worlds- extraordinary teachers using both traditional and nontraditional methods in teaching our children.  I could not be more proud of St. Josephs School!  
    Lisa (Grades K, 2nd and 5th):
    Even without our school being open we are receiving videos & lessons from all of our specialist teachers. All of my children enjoy listening to music with Mrs. Burton, watching art class with Mr. McGaw, listening to Mrs. Trembly reach library stories.  I am thankful that:  That the 5th grade meets daily thru Zoom with both of their teachers.  It helps James connect to his classmates & allows him to continue to learn new material. My Kindergartener can watch videos of Mrs. D reading stories & teaching her lessons.  There are days when she doesn’t want to do her schoolwork at home but she will always watch Mrs. D & I know she is learning.  Mrs. Parris held a one-on-one class thru FaceTime with my 2nd grader because he was having trouble with his spelling words.  Just seeing her face & hearing her words of encouragement helped so much!!!! She constantly reminds us that we can call her for help anytime. Mrs. Chiodini continues to invite her students ( and their families) to pray the rosary with her on scheduled nights.  She is constantly checking in with our kids’ mental/emotional well being and guiding them through this tough time.
    Jen and David Scarpello:
    We would just like to say how very impressed we are with how quickly Saint Joseph's reacted once the school shutdown was announced.  We have children at all levels of schooling, (Grades 3, 5, 11, and college freshman) and they are all participating in remote learning.  And we can say with great confidence that Saint Josephs, and Mrs. Ellis in particular, is doing a wonderful job making sure that the kids are continuing to learn, staying connected, and maintaining a healthy school routine and schedule.
    Siobhan (Grade 5):  
    I have always admired how incredibly loving and talented the teachers at Saint Joseph School are.  They view their role not as a job, or a career, but rather as a vocation.  Their love and commitment shines through in everything that they do and that has been true every single day of the eight years that my son Sean has attended this school.  This has never been more true, though, than in the last several weeks.  Each and every teacher has worked, and continues to work, incredibly hard to adjust their teaching strategies to maximize the learning of our children virtually.  They did not miss a beat adding Zoom, Google Classroom and other websites, and so many other on-line resources to their tried and true strategies, to make sure that our children are staying on track and learning just as much as they would in the physical classroom without any lost time at all.  Through Zoom meetings and other communications with each family, they have been able to keep our children feeling connected and safe and to reinforce the power of prayer and God’s loving protection in this scary time.  They have been incredibly open to feedback from parents as we all adjust to virtual learning.  We are truly blessed by this amazing faculty and the way that SJS has been able to continue to advance all aspects of our children’s education so seamlessly!
    Pote Family (middle school):
    I want to take this time and say a huge thank you to all of you for doing an amazing job with the remote learning and keeping your students on track and engage in there school work. Most of all keeping them on a routine every day which has made this Stay at Home so much easier to deal with.. I just want all of you to know how much we miss you and how much we appreciate everything your doing for our children. God Bless be safe stay healthy!
    Mary (Grade 2):  
    My daughter did not miss 1 day of school.  We found out SJS was closing on a weekend and by Monday afternoon a plan was in place, packets were sent home and Zoom classes started.  It was amazing to see such an impressive switch so quickly.  My friends' kids at other schools did not start remote learning for weeks.  As a working mom, I don't know what I would have done those first few weeks without structure and keeping her routine as normal as possible in this scary time.  Thank you SJS!