Fr. Ron

Praise and Worship

  • Praise and Worship service is a wonderful, spiritual way to begin each week of the school year for Grades K through 8.  (K begins attending half-way through the year.)
    Father Ron Barker invites our students and teachers to visit and spend time thanking and praising Jesus with him at St. Joseph Church. He teaches the school about the four types of Prayer including: Praise, Petition, Intercession and Thanksgiving. He encourages participation from the students in songs of praise.  He reviews a Bible reading in a child-friendly, easy to understand, discussion. 
    Each week, we pray a decade of the Rosary; read Scripture; pray for the sick and celebrate any student's birthday coming up that week with Fr. Ron personally mentioning each birthday child's name. Our Parish dog, Caleb, also joins in the weekly lesson, much to the school children's delight.The school is very fortunate to have a pastor who welcomes them faithfully each week with a smile and voice saying that "Jesus made us because He loves us and wants us to be His friend!"
    We invite all members of the Saint Joseph community to join us each Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.