• The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston requires that all adults who are ever in a position to be alone with any of our students, whether inside or outside of our classrooms, as part of a volunteer position with our school, participate in a prevention and awareness training program called “Protecting God’s Children” presented by VIRTUS.  This includes all lunch monitors, classroom volunteers, coaches and other extracurricular volunteers.

    The Protecting God’s Children program consists of classroom presentations, printed materials and videotapes that will focus on the prevention of abuse and the protection of children.  It covers the signs and symptoms that indicate a child is being abused in some way, how to talk with children about these issues, and also informs you of your responsibilities of mandated reporting and the Archdiocese's policies and procedures for preventing child abuse.

    We have found this program to be very impactful and informative.  We recommend it all parents, even those whose Christian Service and other volunteer responsibilities do not involve direct contact with our students.

    Please review this website to find an upcoming session of Protecting God’s Children that would be convenient for you to attend, as well as directions on how to register:

    We do maintain records of the parents who have received this training and we ask that all parents who are required to be trained complete their training as soon as practicable. 

    Please contact Mrs. Flynn with any questions at 781-245-2081.