•  Welcome to First Grade!

    I am excited to welcome you to a new school year!  It is going to be super fun and challenging.  On the very first day of school, each student will receive a cape and mask and begin training as a superhero.   

    Parents, you can expect a weekly newsletter highlighting our week and upcoming events.  I will send home a hard copy, as well as post it on my website.  It is usually sent home on Fridays in the green folder.  This year your child will receive the weekly homework assignments on Monday inside a homework baggy.  Homework should be completed throughout the week and returned in the homework baggy on Thursday.  Spelling and reading tests will be administered on Fridays.

    In first grade we practice Classroom Economy.  Students will learn the value of money by earning a salary each week for their classroom jobs as well as perform different challenges throughout the week.  At the end of each month, students will be able to shop at our classroom store, but they will not be able to spend all their money.  On the first of every month, I will be collecting rent for their desks and chairs, so they need to make sure they have enough money in their "wallet" to cover this expense! 

    We will work very hard and learn something new each day.  We will have lots of fun adventures along the way.  I ask God to keep us safe and guide us along our journey this year.  See you soon!