Summer Assignments and Supply List

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    St. Joseph School
    Grade 1
    School Supply List
    Dear Future First Grade Parents/Guardians,
    Below is a list of school supplies your child will need for First Grade in September:
    Crayons (no larger than a 32 box)
    Washable Markers (12 pack) 
    1 pencil box (space saver, labeled with name)
    2 dozen pencils
    5 glue sticks
    3 small elmers glue
    3 two-pocket folders:  1 red, 1 green, one color of your choice
    1 box of colored pencils
    a pair of scissors
    a water color set (labeled with your child's name)
    2  highlighters (any color)
    * * This list of supplies is to get the year started.  As supplies run low, a note will be sent home asking for supplies that are needed.
     I ask that you stick to the required sizes on crayons and markers, due to the limited space in the desks.  I also strongly urge you to put your child’s name on EVERY uniform, jacket and sweater.
    Attached below are the summer assignments.
    Have a safe and relaxing summer.
    Mrs. Lou Ann Melino