Boards & Organizations

  • Saint Joseph Parent/Teacher Organization:
    The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) plays a vital role in the positive school culture that describes Saint Joseph School. The mission of the PTO is to work as a collaboration between teachers and parents to enrich the social and cultural experiences of our students.
    For more information about the PTO, please see the PTO Website.
    Fundraising Committee:
    The responsibility of the fundraising committee is to assess the financial needs of the school and develop a fundraising plan with specific goals to meet those needs.  This team consists of the representatives from both major fundraisers, the Christmas Craft Fair and the 90th Anniversary Committee, Christian Service Coordinators, administration, the pastor, the school accountant, parish financial advisers and a PTO representative.
    Committee Members are:
    • Fr. Ron Barker -  Pastor
    • Joseph Sullivan – Principal
    • Carolynne DiMare – Craft Fair Co-Chairperson
    • Lenny Duggan – School Finance Board 
    • Alayne Flynn - School Administrator
    • Christen Foy -  90th Committee Co-chairperson
    • Christina Lombardo Hildonen - Grant Writer
    • Karen Keohane - Christian Service Co-Chairperson
    • Amy Lemieux - 90 Committee Co Chairperson
    • Phil McCarty – School Finance Board
    • Theresa Maynard - Craft Fair Co-Chairperson
    • Maureen Miller – Parish Accountant
    • Merry Nordeen – Parish Administrator 
    • Andrea Buonopane - PTO Co-President
    • Michelle Richardson – Christian Service Co-Chairperson
    Technology Committee:
    The function of the Technology Committee shall be to oversee all matters relating to computer technology and infrastructure.  Most importantly, the committee ensures that all technology equipment (computers, printers, scanners, network) in the lab, classrooms, library and administrative office function properly.  The services provided by the Technology Committee are:  infrastructure architecture design & repair; equipment purchasing, installation & repair; web design & administration; professional development; documentation & grant writing; software application support.
    Technology Committee Members:
    • Merry Nordeen
    • Stephen Germino 
    • Dan Skeirik
    • Patrick Foy
    • Ryan Hamelin
    Christian Service Chairpersons:  Michelle Richardson, Karen Keohane
    For more information on Christian Service, please see the Christian Service Website
    Christmas Craft Fair Chairpersons:  Carolynne DiMare, Theresa Maynard
    For more information about the Christmas Craft Fair, please see the Christmas Craft Fair Website.

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