Year of Mercy

  • "May the Jubilee of Mercy bring us all closer to God’s goodness and love!"
    In December 2015, Pope Francis ushered in a year long celebration dedicated to the theme of mercy, intoning the ceremonial versicle, “Open unto me the gates of justice” before pushing open the bronze doors in St. Peter’s Basilica that are kept bricked up until the start of a Jubilee, or Holy Year.  Mercy has become a cornerstone of Pope Francis’ papacy, part of his vision of a less judgmental church that is open to all.
    The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy declared by Pope Francis last year came to a solemn conclusion with praise and thanksgiving to God in Miao Diocese of Arunachal Pradesh, India in November 2016.

    "The people gathered for the closing ceremony praised and thanked God for the mercy shown unto them. This year has been a year of renewal for me and my family," said Mr. Somlung Mossang, a Catholic leader from Miao. “We made pilgrimage – something we never did before. There were opportunities for confession on several occasions, and all the seminars on convention on Mercy made me and my family spiritually stronger”, he said.

    'We thank God and our Pope Francis for this Jubilee of Mercy," said Mrs. Lamati, the Women Secretary of the Diocese of Miao. “We are grateful to our Bishop for the various events on Mercy organized in our Diocese. We hope to be merciful always in the coming days  just like our Heavenly Father has shown his mercy through Jesus Christ”, she added.

    The Jubilee of Mercy has brought in  much renewal and spiritual strength to Miao Diocese, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary as a Diocese. (Source: Miao Diocese)