Academic Policies

  • Report Cards 

    Report cards are sent home four times during the school year.  These outline the student's academic achievement, effort, behavior and attendance.  Guidelines for grading are stipulated on each report card and vary according to the appropriate grade level.

    Warning slips are sent home during each academic quarter, for individual students in grades 6-8, to communicate unusual changes in a student's grade or behavior.

    Honor Roll

    Students in Grades 6-8 are eligible for the Honor Roll provided they earn the following grades in Reading, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and Religion:

    • Excellence ..............  95+
    • High Honors ...........   90+
    • Honors .................... 85+
    • Honorable Mention .... 80+



    Home study is a necessary part of each  pupil's educational program.  Each student is expected to spend some hours in addition to scheduled class instruction to achieve satisfactory work.

    Students who neglect to do assignments on time must expect to receive a failure for that assignment, which will be reflected in the student's grade average for that marking period.  Repeatedly neglecting to do an assignment in Grades 6-8 may also result in detention.  The amount of time which different students in the same grade spend on doing homework varies according to each student.  However, the following time table provides guidelines as to the amount of time a typical student should spend:

    • Grades 1-2     20-30 minutes
    • Grades 3-5     30-75 minutes
    • Grades 6-8     75-120 minutes

    Short and long range assignments are sometimes given in the middle to upper-grades.  Parents can assist their children in scheduling their study time over an extended period.  Parents can also support their child by reviewing the nightly homework assignments, structuring a time/place for quiet study and checking assignments for completion.

    Students who complete their homework in less time are expected to engage in reading or re-enforcement activities to strengthen their overall study skills.

    Please see our Study Smart Guide below for our suggested homework strategies.

    Make-Up Work

    Teachers are required to provide an opportunity for students to make-up work missed as a result of legitimate absences.  Make-up work includes class assignments, quizzes, tests, and long term projects.  The student is ultimately responsible for making arrangements for make-up work.

    Make-up work must be completed within a period of time as established by the teacher.  The maximum amount of time given for make-up work will be twice the number of school days absent.  Any student who fails to meet the deadline will forfeit his/her right to make up the work for credit and receive a zero for the work/tests not completed.