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    The Mission of St. Joseph School is to educate students spiritually and academically to use their minds well.

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  • Important Upcoming Dates & Reminders


    Below is a summary of school-wide events and deadlines coming up next week for your reference.  Click on the hyperlinks below for more information about each.


    • We will be celebrating a Catholic Schools Week mass on Sunday, January 29th at 9:00 a.m. at Saint Joseph Church.  This mass is for ALL Saint Joseph School students and families.  We would love to have the whole school show up to celebrate mass.  Some of the students will be participating in the mass with readings, bringing up gifts, greetings, etc.  It is a wonderful opportunity to participate as a whole school family with our community.

      • There will be a small coalition  in Father Gillis Hall for current school families immediately following 9:00 a.m. Mass on January 29th.

      • The Open House at the School on Sunday, January 29th from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. is for NEW and INTERESTED families to our school.  Teachers will be available to answer questions.

      • Please check the BLOG for the entire Catholic Schools Week Schedule.

    • The Battle of the Bills to support Water for South Sudan will be going on from 8:00 AM on Tuesday, January 31st until 12:30 PM on Friday, Feb 3, 2023.  See the BLOG for all the details.

    • PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVEWAYS OF OUR SCHOOL NEIGHBORS ON ALL THE LOCAL STREETS!! We have received calls of school family cars blocking driveways on Guild and Cedar Streets.  These neighbors have asked the police to monitor the neighborhood during drop off and pick up hours.   Please show kindness and consideration to our neighbors. 

    • Please, please ask your children to check the Lost and Found in the School's lower floor area.  It is overflowing with coats, hats, mittens, water bottles, etc.  

    • Spread the word, we are having a Dine-Out at Fuddruckers on Wednesday, February 1st.  Bring your friends and family to this fun Dine-Out night.  See the BLOG for details. 

    • We are delighted to announce the return of Homework Club that Mrs. Irene King , our 3rd grade teaching assistant, will be offering after-school for Grades K - 4!  Homework Club will take place from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m., Monday through Thursday, in the Grade 2 classroom, beginning on January 30. Light snack will be provided. See the BLOG for details.


  • Catholic Schools Week Schedule

    Posted by Kerri Leonard on 1/27/2023

    Catholic Schools Week 2023

    Monday, January 30

    Appreciate our world community.

    Wear blue to show our appreciation for clean water! 

    This week we will have a Battle of the Bills* for the charity Water for South Sudan

    In Literature, our Middle School students continue to be inspired by the novel

     A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. This is a story of water, survival, and perseverance. The novel is based on the life of Salva Dut. Seventh grade students with Mrs. Saraceno will give a brief presentation to students after Monday Morning Worship.   



    Tuesday, January 31

    Appreciate our students. 

    Students can wear pajamas to school! (Shoulders must be covered.)Students will also be treated to a board game period. Also, there will be no homework with no tests on Wednesday!

    Wednesday, February 1 

    Appreciate our teachers. 

    Wear your tropical prints today to celebrate the teachers who make our futures bright!

    (Make sure to wear sneakers if this is your gym day.) 

    Teachers will be treated to lunch. 

    Thursday, February 2

    Appreciate your classmates.

    Skittles Day 

    Students will gather in each homeroom for Family Feud

    Wear your class color! (K- orange, 1- red, 2- green, 3- any patterns, 4- yellow, 5- black, 6-blue, 7- purple, & 8-pink). Students in Grades K-8 will get a Skittles candy treat. 

    Friday, February 3 

    Appreciate our parish. 

    Wear SJS Class A. 

    9:00 a.m. Mass: First Friday Mass hosted by Grade 4

    Students will also make Valentines together during Buddy Time to distribute to Bear Hill Nursing Home and Brightview Assisted Living.  

    *Normal dress down day rules apply.
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  • The Battle of the Bills!

    Posted by Kerri Leonard on 1/20/2023

    The Battle that Benefits Lives!

    The Battle of the Bills to Benefit 

    Water for South Sudan


    Our school will be hosting the 

    Battle of the Bills during Catholic Schools Week.  


    The goal of the Battle of the Bills is to collect as many $1 bills as possible in your class bucket and put as many $5, $10 or $20 bills in all the other buckets!


    Money is worth “points” based on its value.


       1 Dollar = POSITIVE 1 POINT

        5 Dollars = NEGATIVE 5 POINTS




    Only $1 bills give your class POSITIVE POINTS while any other dollar bills take points AWAY from your class total.  Therefore you want to put $1 bills IN YOUR CLASS bucket and any other amounts in the buckets of OTHER CLASSES.  Whichever class has the MOST POINTS at the end of the battle, wins.  


    The prize for the class that wins gets an ice cream treat!


    The Battle of the Bills will be going on from 8:00 AM on Tuesday, January 31st until 12:30 PM on Friday, Feb 3, 2023.


    The buckets for each class will be kept outside of the 6th grade classroom.  


    Which grade will win???

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  • Homework Club

    Posted by Kerri Leonard on 1/13/2023

    We are delighted to announce the return of Homework Club that Mrs. Irene King, our 3rd grade teaching assistant, will be offering after-school for Grades K - 4! 

    Homework Club will take place from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m., Monday through Thursday, in the Grade 2 classroom, beginning on January 30. Light snack will be provided.  Students may attend some days or every day. 

    ***Please note the second Tuesday of every month there will not be Homework Club due to regularly scheduled faculty meetings. 

    The cost to participate in Homework Club is $10 per day.  Payments will be processed through FACTS.

    Please complete this registration form and return it to the main office if you would like your child to attend.

    Please contact Irene King iking@stjosephschoolwakefield.org . 

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  • Parking Lot Safety & Procedures

    Posted by Kerri Leonard on 9/2/2022







    In the morning, a teacher-supervised drop-off begins at 7:50 and ends at 8:00 a.m. 

    To facilitate a safe drop-off, there is NO PARKING on Gould Street in front of the school.  You may drop off students at the designated area in front of the school between the two school driveways.

    No cars may enter the school driveway during the school day.  . The gate to the school driveway will remain closed until 1:50. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    Please do not park on the eastbound side of Gould Street (opposite the school) as it impedes the flow of traffic on Gould Street.

    If at any time that you arrive at school, the gate to the school driveway is closed, please do NOT open the gate.  This gate is a safety measure to prevent children and moving vehicles from being in the schoolyard at the same time.

    Please remember to be courteous to our residential neighbors during drop-off and pickup.  Please do not block neighbors' driveways. 

    Thank you for your assistance in keeping drop-off and pick-up safe and smooth every day!  Please contact Mrs. Flynn or Dr. Sullivan with any questions.

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