Welcome to Mrs.Arulraj's teacher page!

    My name is Kavitha Arulraj. I am the 6th grade homeroom teacher and the math and science teacher for grades 6,7 and 8. This is my second year teaching at Saint Joseph school and I am very excited to be a part of this loving community.
    The information on the Math and Science curriculum for Middle School Grades are as follows:
    Math Curriculum
    All grades follow the Massachusetts Frameworks for Mathematics.
    Grade 6 : The math concepts and skills that are targeted in sixth grade are as follows :
    Number properties amd Decimals, Expressions and Equations, Number Theory, Fraction Operations, Ratios and Percents, Integers and Rational Numbers, The Coordinate Plane, Geometry and Measurement, Data and Graphs.
    Grade 7 : The math concepts and skills that are targeted in seventh grade are as follows :
    Algebraic Expressions and Integers, Solving Equations and Inequalities, Decimals and Equations, Factors, Fractions and Exponents, Ratio,proportion and Percents, Linear Functions and Graphing, Area and Volume, Data Analysis and Probability.
    Grade 8 : The math concepts and skills that are targeted in eighth grade are as follows :
    Variables, Function Patterns, Graphs, Rational Numbers, Solving Equations and Inequalities, Linear equations, Exponential Functions, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations and Functions, Radical Expessions and Equations.
    Science Curriculum 
    Grades 6,7 and 8 will be working on Life Science this year. The topics include :
    Chapter 1 : Classification of living things, Plants, Animals, Animal systems and Plant and Animal Adaptations.
    Chapter 2 : Cell Theory, Plant and Animal cells, Cell division and Microorganisms.
    Chapter 3 : Human Genetics, How traits are controlled, Modern Genetics, Genetical changes over time
    Chapter 4: Earth's Ecosystems, Food chains,Webs and pyramids, Changes in Ecosystems.
    Homework and Assignments
    All homework assignments, projects and announcements on tests/quizzes/due dates will be posted on the respective Google Classrooms for the particular grade.
    Extra Help
    My extra help day would be Wednesdays until 3:00 PM. But I am always available to help anytime if a child needs it. 
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: karulraj@stjosephschoolwakefield.org.