• Dear Grade 3 Parents,

    We had a fantastic beginning to our grade three school year! 😸We would be off and running into our regular schedule this week, except that we will be taking the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests in Reading comprehension; Mathematics; and Grammar on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm sure that you all received the bright green "At A Glance" calendar paper that I sent home on Friday.

    Grades K through 8 also took home a notice about the MAP tests and how it is very important that the children get a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast in order to be able to perform the best that they can. It is also important for each child to take their time with each test. They all know that if they finish early they must wait at the computer seat and quietly read a book, or put their head down and rest, so there is no incentive for rushing through a test to get done quickly.

    I want to thank all of you for having your children into class promptly at 8 AM this past week. This way, everyone is able to be present for morning prayers🙏 and hear my first set of directions for the day. On Mondays, we will leave right away to go to Praise and Worship at St. Joseph Church with Father Ron Barker. On Tuesdays through Friday, we will have math first period right after prayers.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the back to school evening this Thursday at 6:30 PM. I have prepared a thorough folder for each family so that you will definitely have a myriad of information about third grade academics and social expectations.

    The packet will also include a copy of my grade 3 schedule in case you want to arrange any appointments during the time of a third grade special subject.I know that I have already given you my cell phone text message number, but I will give it to you again now. xxx-xxx-xxxx.  If you need to get a hold of me or vice versa, a text message is quicker than an email because sometimes I don't get to see my class emails until later in the day. 

    Thank you again for being such caring, wonderful parents. Your children are truly blessed.🙏


    Mrs. Jane Ellis