• Our middle school students have been actively investigating several life science concepts. A few of those investigations are listed below.

    1) What's in a drop of pond water?

    Students explored organisms that live in a drop of pond water using a microscope.  They observed different characteristics of the organism and then proceeded to identify it using the identification chart.

    Examples of organisms we found in the pond water include Pediastrum, Paramecium, fly nymphs, mosquito larvae, Planaria, Nematode, different types of algae,etc. 

    2) Creating a Taxonomy chart

    Students had to work in groups to classify leaves based on 4 different characteristics. Then they had to create a Taxonomy chart to show how they classified their leaves.

    3) Flower dissection 

    4) Investigating how different body systems work

    5) Owl pellet dissection

    6) Battle of the beaks - An adaptation investigation 

    7) Edible cell models